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[S4E2] I No Longer Imagine

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[S4E2] I No Longer Imagine

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Nagel: Well, just to build the circuit alone would probably take a couple of days for a hundred transistors for a kit. Maybe for a twenty transistor circuit a day. So one or two days, something of that order of magnitude. But actually measuring and getting the thing to work right, debugging it, could take a good deal longer than that. That could take weeks.

Morse and Trewlove are initially there for the marijuana, found in the dressing room of "The Wildwoods," a early Pink Floyd-Lite band with Beatles esque heartthrob levels, whose manager insists, against all evidence, to be "good clean boys." But while they issue informal warnings, Mrs. Pettybon is in Bright's office, demanding a security guard due to the death threats she's received, which becomes Morse's next assignment. As you can imagine, he's less than thrilled. 781b155fdc


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