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Solidworks 2015 Part II - Advanced Techniques 12 ##BEST##

The conventional CAD modeling methods of connecting rod are time-consuming because of the complex in geometry. A Little modification in shape or size of IC engine assembly will cause a considerable chain reaction in the geometry of connecting rod which leads to alter the CAD model because of various interrelated design issues. Consequently, the CAD model of the connecting rod needs to be altered so as to match the modification(s) of the engine. The advanced CAD modeling techniques such as parametric modeling technique offer the solutions to these issues. This paper introduces a knowledge-based system for CAD modeling of a two wheeler IC Engine Connecting Rod by using commercially available CAD package SolidWorks. An inference engine and relevant GUI are developed within the CAD software for assisting the design engineers. The developed system is an application of engineering which utilizes the reuse of the design knowledge.

Solidworks 2015 Part II - Advanced Techniques 12


University of California, Davis (2003 - 2008)While at the University of California at Davis, Dr. Chen developed organic Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) integration techniques for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices. This technology allows for new low cost, high performance integration schemes for RF/microwave circuits (up to 67 GHz) by using low-cost organic RF/microwave circuit modules for System-in-Package (SiP), System-on-Package (SoP) packaging schemes. Research on organic circuits is particularly attractive for thin-film low loss RF/microwave circuits that allow compact module designs. Careful reliability studies have been performed on the advanced LCP packages. Excellent adhesion seals in excess of 3 lbs/in have been demonstrated. LCP has been demonstrated to show less than 1% Total Mass Loss (TML) and less than 0.1% Collected Volatile Condensible Materials (CVCM) historically required for space applications as determined through ASTM E595 outgassing. Dr. Chen showed that these LCP packages provide hermeticity levels that surpass current requirements for Mil-Std-883, Method 1014. Further, LCP packages are able to withstand a gauntlet of harsh environmental tests ranging from freeze expansion, thermal cycling, and 85C/85%RH life testing. Further, a MEMS phase shifter was developed to demonstrate a compact, multi-layer, hybrid, organic LCP/Polyimide integration scheme for RF MEMS switch modules. Lastly, a novel amplitude compensation scheme was developed on LCP for Long Time Delay (LTD) circuits to show less than +/-0.4 dB variation over the entire band from DC-10 GHz with 0 ps, 200 ps, 400 ps, and 600 ps delays.

Wolcott, Scott. "PERFORMANCE OF GREEN WALL TREATMENT OF BREWERY WASTEWATER." International Conference on Living Walls and Ecosystem Services. Department of Architecture and Landscape, University of Greenwich. London, UK, United Kingdom. 6-8 Jul. 2015. Conference Presentation. 350c69d7ab


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