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[S4E13] It's Ben A Long Time

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[S4E13] It's Ben A Long Time

While Rio relies on intimidation and bravado, Nick approaches things differently. He's more mild-mannered and interested in working on something from the inside. And it's suited him well for a long time. But just because he's not out stuffing people in freezers doesn't mean he's not getting his hands dirty in other ways.

But this was the first time that Darlene and Ben felt like friends since long before they'd broken up. Ben sincerely seemed to want to help Darlene get back on her feet and start a new chapter of her life.

But it's been so long since the show mentioned Emilio's immigration status or his marriage to Becky that I've begun to wonder if they've dropped the entire storyline much as they did with David being in Lanford to reestablish a relationship with his kids.

It's the first day of Meredith's trial. Izzie says nobody cares about her trial, but she admits she's jealous. Cristina complains about Hahn not talking to her. Izzie says Hahn enjoyed talking to her. Cristina bounces back that at least she's not spending all her time in the clinic. Izzie likes the clinic, it's her happy place. Cristina asks Meredith to use the sparkle pager to get her on Hahn's service. Meredith says she has no time for the sparkle pager today because of her trial and she thinks that if Izzie and Cristina take a moment, they can be happy that she's found her path to medical history. She walks off and Cristina and Izzie both say they're not happy for her.

Addison finds Mark in his skin lab. She came to check on her patient's skin flap. He's grown actual skin from stem cells, like God. He says they can lock the door and tear one off for old time's sake. Addison says everything is exactly the same here. He's horny because the nurses are shutting him down. Addison says it's an amazing skin flap and walks out.

Callie walks up to Addison for lunch, but Cristina stops Callie to tell her Hahn is no longer welcome at the apartment. Hahn is unfair to her and won't teach her, while she could have gone to any other hospital to get taught. Callie says Erica is a good listener. She may come off harsh at first, but she's got a really good heart. Cristina should tell her how she feels. Callie sits down with Addison as Cristina says she doesn't speak girl. Callie tells Addison she lives with Yang now. Addison asks if Callie is speaking the vagina monologues now. She's all for it and Erica seems great. Callie can't believe Addison thinks she and Erica are a couple. She laughs awkwardly and says it's insane. Callie likes penis and she says Addison has been living in L.A. for too long.

Izzie is eating potato chips at the nurses station. Addison comes over and Izzie asks her for a favor. She wants Addison to talk to her patient. Izzie explains the case of the pregnant HIV positive woman. Addison says she doesn't have to terminate, but she doesn't work here anymore so she can't talk to the patient. If she still worked here, she would be performing surgery after surgery and maybe even get back together with her husband, who's apparently back on the market. That would be simpler than the messy single life she's currently living. Her point is that she no longer works here, so Izzie has to pull her face out of the potato chips bag and go tend to her patients herself. Addison says Izzie's a fighter and she wondered what happened. Izzie says she lost a lot of fights. Addison tells her it's time to get back up. She has to be the change that she wants to see in the world. Addison walks off with the potato chips. Izzie can't believe she just quoted Gandhi to her.

Izzie enters the room where Sarah and Freddie are waiting. Izzie orders her interns to come in and listen and learn. Sarah thinks Izzie disapproves and that she wants to push some kind of agenda. Izzie says no. If Sarah wants an abortion because she wants to, that's her choice. But, if she wants an abortion because she thinks that's what medicine is telling her to do, it's b


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