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How To Buy Birth Certificate Online

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The fastest way to get your birth certificate is through a Minnesota county vital records office. Apply in person or by mail. One certified copy of a birth certificate costs $26. No-cost birth certificates are available for homeless youth and veterans. See the sections below for more information about no-cost birth certificates.

A homeless youth birth certificate is an official legal document. It expires six months from the date issued. You may request this certificate at no cost from any Minnesota vital records office if you are homeless, 24 years old or younger, and born in Minnesota.

A VA birth certificate is an official legal document. The VA birth certificate is printed with a statement across the top of the document that limits how you can use the certificate. Use a VA birth certificate to present a claim to the United States Veterans Administration. Or use it in connection with any veteran's organization or the Department of Veterans Affairs. Fill out the Birth Certificate Application (PDF) and on page two, complete Section F.

You may buy a birth certificate for a person born in Minnesota from any Minnesota county vital records office. Or you may order a birth certificate from the state vital records office. For births before 1900, make your request to the county in which the birth occurred or the state vital records office.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security extended the REAL ID enforcement deadline to May 7, 2025. When you apply for your REAL ID, you must provide documents required by federal law. One document you can use is a certified copy of your birth certificate. If you were born in Minnesota, request your birth certificate now, and avoid the rush.

Some Delayed Certificates of Birth are on file with dates of birth dating back to the 1860s. In 1940, statutory authority was received by the Office which allowed individuals still alive in 1940 and later with no prior birth record filed to submit certain documentation to file a Delayed Certificate of Birth. A request for a Delayed Certificate of Birth is made in the same manner as one for a regular birth certificate - just specify the date of birth. If the date specified is between the late 1860's and July 1, 1911, a Delayed Certificate of Birth search will be conducted.

State law specifies that the initial $20 fee for a certified birth certificate copy is a five-year record search fee - one certified copy is issued if the record is found and if not found, the fee is retained. You will receive either the certified copy or a letter explaining the search conducted and that no record was located.

Follow the guidance below to place a standard order for a certificate (birth, death, marriage, divorce, or fetal death report). Forms, processing times, typical fees, payment, and mailing instructions are included.

Walk-in (in-person) certificate service is available by appointment only. Expedited processing fees ($15) apply in addition to the fees assessed for the service you are requesting. To make an appointment for expedited certificate purchase walk-in services, please use the NC Vital Records Appointments calendar or call 919-733-3000, Option 3.

Did You Know? Alternatively, you may order a birth, death or marriage certificate from your Register of Deeds in the county where the event took place. Divorce certificates may also be obtained from the clerk of court in the county where the divorce is filed.

Please note for orders placed through our office there is a $24 search (and one copy) fee that is non-refundable, even if a record is not found, so we must process payments before completing the order. Due to order volume and system migrations from paper to electronic, there will usually be a time gap between your payment being processed and orders being completed and delivered to you, especially if there are issues to be researched and addressed with orders (e.g., amendments to certificates). If a record is not found during the search, then we will be in touc


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