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Where To Buy Glyptal Paint


The outstanding all-purpose paint. Although 1201 was originally developed as an insulating paint for electrical applications such as the treatment of coils and armatures, its outstanding resistance to corrosion, moisture, oil, acid, heat, dust and salt spray has made it popular throughout the industry as a Primer, Sealer, Adhesive and Protective Finish. There are literally hundreds of uses for 1201.

The Glyptal 1201 is a red, alkyd resin enamel paint that comes in a 1 gal pail. The general purpose paint can be thinned for spray applications and works well as a sealer for screws, pipes, and hydraulic fluid chambers.

Glyptal 1201 is a versatile paint that is used in a variety of areas and numerous industries. This red enamel coating was first developed as an electrical insulation coating. Glyptal was designed for use on coils and other parts of electrical armatures where it provided excellent dielectric properties.

One issue is that paint can stick to the top of the surface texture such as the mill finish or the machined finish of the plate, trapping gas molecules underneath in the crevices. Inside the vacuum, the air bubbles will expand and may cause the paint to come off.

Glyptal tends to wick into the pores of the metal. As a result, paint will not sit on the top of the surface finish trapping tiny but consequential gas bubbles underneath. This solution features low-outgassing characteristics. Our testing of this product in various applications shows no contamination of the product inside of the chamber including silicon ingots for making wafers.

For space simulation, many chambers require a black body or alternatively a heat reflective surface. Cat-a-lac black paint is a common high-emissivity paint that is used inside of a vacuum chamber to absorb radiated heat. Another common black paint is Aeroglaze Z306. Meanwhile, other applications, including space satellites, require reflective surfaces to reduce overheating and prevent other complications while facing the sun during orbit.

Former General Electric trademark for a group of alkyd resins patented in 1914 and first used as a Paint in the 1930s. Glyptal paints are made by heating Phthalic anhydride and Glycerin together. Still available today, glyptal is used in Shellac, varnishes, and paints.

What is the procedure for painting a used engine/gearbox/transmission with glyptal. I would worry about paint adhesion due to oil soaked into the top layers of metal. Is that a concern or is there a foolproof way of cleaning the surfaces sufficiently?

Many people who do transformers just use polyurethane and sometimes use a vacuum chamber to ensure all the air gets out. I dont know many who even use glyptal on transformers these days unless its for high voltage applications, the main reason for using varnish on these transformers seems to be mostly for holding the windings together and stop resonance rather than an electrical insulator.

Anyway, im thinking that glyptal would be an excellent choice for small armatures and simply all that is needed is to dip the armature in the stuff and let the excess drip off, i believe its very thin and flows well, to stop the shaft getting coated you would need to tape it or place heatshrink tube over it.

The materials used for armatures in slot car motors are pretty specialized. Epoxy powder needs to be a very good insulator, tough enough to stand up to tensioning magnet wire, and of course must be heat resistant. The epoxy used for potting armatures is not the stuff you find in the hardware store...being low-viscosity and having a high heat resistance, up to 500-600F. This epoxy of course also needs to be strong enough to keep armatures together under the tremendous stress of spinning really fast, oftentimes extremely fast. It's hard to imagine glyptal being affective as a replacement for either the powder coat or the epoxy...but maybe???

I know glyptal sticks extremley well to surfaces and people paint it on engines because if the heat.Look


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