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Picosmos Tools €?

Picosmos Tools A Comprehensive Photo Editing Software for Windows

If you are looking for a photo editing software that can handle all kinds of image functions, such as special effects, browsing, editing, composing, segmentation, combining, screen recording and screenshot, you should try Picosmos Tools

Picosmos Tools –

Picosmos Tools is a free software developed by Free Time that integrates picture browsing, editing, layout, frames, and cosmetic effects into one set. It also provides plenty of source material for your creativity.

What Can You Do with Picosmos Tools

Picosmos Tools has many features and functions that can help you enhance your photos and create amazing artworks. Here are some of the main functions of Picosmos Tools

  • Image browsing: Picosmos Tools has a professional software to read pictures named Picosmos Shows. You can view your photos in different modes, such as thumbnail, list, detail, full screen, slideshow, etc. You can also sort your photos by name, date, size, type, etc.

  • Editor: Picosmos Tools allows you to do any complex operations to images through it. You can crop, resize, rotate, flip, adjust color, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc. You can also add text, shapes, stickers, filters, frames, borders, etc.

  • Adding special effects: Picosmos Tools lets you add special effects and photo frames to images, making them look more vivid and attractive. You can choose from various effects categories, such as art, distortion, light, blur, noise, etc.

  • Page Design: Picosmos Tools enables you to combine your images to produce posters and covers. You can use the preview layout tools to arrange your images on a canvas and customize the background color and size.

  • Combine: Picosmos Tools helps you put pictures together according to stipulated rules. You can merge multiple images into one image with different modes, such as horizontal, vertical, grid, collage, etc.

Batch processing: Picosmos Tools allows you to operate multiple pictures at once, such as clearing up, optimizing,

  • adding watermark and rotating.

  • Cutout: Picosmos Tools makes it easy and quick to separate the foreground and background of an image with its smart cutout tool.

Animation production: Picosmos Tools can produce SWF files spreading on the Internet,

  • such as GIF and WebM.

  • Erase: Picosmos Tools can quickly erase undesired clutters on the photos and remain the key point of your photos only.

  • Screen Recording: Picosmos Tools can record the whole or part of the desktop area and save it as AVI file.

Screen Capture: Picosmos Tools 2.5.5

can capture any area of your screen and add arrows,

dashed lines,


and so on for easy view

  • and even obtain text through OCR function after screen capture.

Portrait Beautifying: Picosmos Tools 2