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Community Loans

When finances take a turn for the worse the need for a quick response that's reliable is paramount. Our customers continue to require a simple solution to their financial needs. Our licensed affiliates offer customers alternative loans such as, title loans, small loans, title pawns, payday loans and signature installment loans which all have a place in today's consumer lending landscape.

community loans

The Community Loan Center (CLC) of Dallas was established in 2014 in order to offer low-interest, low-fee personal loans to employees of enrolled employers as an alternative to high-cost payday and auto title loans.

Chicago Community Loan Fund provides flexible, affordable and responsible financing and technical assistance for community stabilization and development efforts and initiatives that benefit low- to moderate-income neighborhoods, families and individuals throughout metropolitan Chicago.

HCLF is a not-for-profit community development financial institution (CDFI) with a mission to provide and promote just and affordable financial services that benefit the low-wealth residents of the communities we serve.

To qualify for an RLF the company typically needs to be creating or retaining jobs in the community or providing some other community benefit. Each RLF has different criteria which can be found below.

Partnering with community groups and investors, we combine financial discipline, deep expertise and highly-collaborative partnerships to build and preserve homes people can afford, and invest in neighborhood resources and facilities residents needed most, including schools, federally qualified health centers, stores with healthy food options and more.

Mini-Permanent Loans: Available for acquisition/refinance of operating housing and community facility properties. May also be paired with a construction loan for the development of a new property.

The money we lend is loaned to us by impact investors who want to do more with their money. VCLF investors want a safe, sensible way to invest in Vermont, doing good for Vermonters today and saving for their own tomorrow. In thirty-six years, with over $125 million loaned, we've never failed to repay an investor. Individuals & families, institutions, communities of faith, community organizations: EVERYONE can invest in Vermont through the Vermont Community Loan Fund.

Opportunity is the heart of the Vermont Community Loan Fund. When entrepreneurs are ready to grow, when community leaders have a new idea to better provide their services, they know the Loan Fund has the patient, flexible loan capital and other resources to help them emerge, evolve and become.

YOU can invest in Vermont, for Vermont. Join our community of impact investors - individuals & families, institutions, communities of faith, community organizations, and more - and do more with your money.

CDFIs are profitable but not profit-maximizing. They put community first, not the shareholder. For more than 30 years, they have had a proven track record of making an impact in those areas of America that need it most.From -cdfi

E-Community loans can be used for startup costs, expansion of an existing business, working capital, inventory and more. The loans are paired with an investment from a local lender along with a personal investment from the business.

Entrepreneurs interested in applying for funds will work with a local E-Community Leadership Team to connect with startup and developmental business resources, complete an application for funding, and coordinate the other elements of the funding package (bank loans, etc.). Whether an entrepreneur needs help finishing a business plan or filling out a loan application, the resources offered by the Miami County E-Community team can connect them to resources for assistance.

Miami County has created a Microloan Fund in partnership with the Justine Peterson Group These loans are available for real or personal property purchase, renovation projects and inventory expansion. Start-up businesses and expanding businesses are eligible. For more information about these programs please call the Economic Development Office at (913) 294-4045.

We are always working to expand our partnerships. Do you work for a municipality that would like to strengthen the small business economy? Contact our Director of Development. Are you a business owner and don't see your city or county listed? No worries. CEF offers many types of loan solutions throughout the state of Colorado - from traditional small business and commercial real estate loans to loan programs specialized for underserved populations such as CEF's healthy foods initiative, black business, creative industries, Valor for Veterans program, and more.

Environmentally Disadvantaged Water Systems - Non-transient public water system or community that is: 1) Affected by environmental pollution, naturally occurring contaminant(s) and/or has lead in the water supply or service lines; and 2) Is at risk for negative health effects due to contamination and/or there is water supply or lead service lines containing lead.

In the wake of hurricane Katrina, the South Mississippi community came together to establish a nonprofit focused on redevelopment. In the years since, Renaissance has continued to expand its mission and programs by becoming a CDFI and SBA lender for for the entire state of Mississippi.

The mission of FORGE is to promote community development and economic sustainability by linking investors with borrowers, urban and rural communities, consumers with producers, and low income groups with basic affordable credit.

For 30 years, FORGE has fulfilled its mission of helping to build sustainable communities and we will not let our neighbors down in their time of need. We are expanding our lending and our assets are growing. The bottom line is that FORGE has maintained its strength because we make good loans to good people who do good work in their communities.

Prosperity Indiana is the Indiana statewide coordinator for the Community Loan Center (CLC), an affordable small-dollar loan program that serves as a payday-lending alternative. The CLC program allows local lenders to make online loans directly to employees of participating employers. Borrowers apply for a CLC loan online, the loan is deposited in the borrower's bank account, and borrowers then repay their loans each payday through payroll deduction.

Each local lender raises their own loan capital, earns the interest and fee income, and pays fees to cover use of the program software, loan servicing, and collections of delinquent loans. As statewide coordinator, Prosperity Indiana is responsible for recruiting local lenders, helping engage employers, raising additional capital for lending by local CLCs, and providing capacity building to mission-based CLC lenders. Twenty-three counties in Indiana are currently served by an Indiana-based CLC lender.

Entrepreneurship Community (E-community) loans are intended to be paired with loans from financial institutions (such as banks or credit unions), as well as personal investment, to complete a funding package for small business projects. Even if you've been turned down by a bank or credit union in the past, you may qualify for a low-interest loan to fund your startup or small business growth plans.

Spectrum has committed to $3.2 million to the Raza Development Fund which plans to support mall business loans to Latino-owned local businesses in financially underserved areas in California, Texas, Ohio and Florida.

The Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund has committed to invest $1 million in CommunityWorks, a South Carolina statewide nonprofit lending institution and community development financial institution (CDFI) which will provide low-interest loans to small businesses.

Charter Communications, Inc., which operates the Spectrum brand, today announced its Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund will invest $3 million in the Hope Enterprise Corporation (HOPE), a certified community development financial institution (CDFI) .

Delta Community offers a variety of loans for life's biggest moments. Whether you're purchasing a new car, renovating your home or planning a vacation, let us help make your dreams a reality. We offer new and used Car Loans, Credit Cards, Home Loans, Personal Loans and more.

Looking to bring this alternative loan program to your community? Become a CLC community lender to build a viable social enterprise or support small-dollar loans by becoming an investor or donor. For more information, contact us!

Loan Maximum: The maximum loan size is $45,000 per business. E-Community funds can match up to 150% of the partner contribution. This means that E-Community funds can be no more than 60% of the total funding package. Partner contribution can come from a public source of capital (microloan, revolving loan fund, certified development company, community foundation, USDA) and/or a private source (bank loan). 041b061a72


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