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Growing My Grandpa!

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Hey there! After playing "Water Womb World" I was really hooked on the evocative writing and art. I just started playing but I can't wait to get home and keep growing my grandpa. AAah my head is swimming with ideas, is this a tulpa but scientifically analyzed?

The experience of discovery, communication and growth in a parallel context to the child, caseworker and the grandpa/entity was fascinating. I almost felt as though this entity was providing more of a therapeutic experience for the child than the caseworker was, and a lot of what the entity was discussing were aspects of roles that a therapist plays. Reflecting the inner wants and desires of the client (the wish) while also encouraging them towards exploration and change (the contract). There are also themes of the inability/lack of effectiveness/lack of training with therapists to really enact fulfilling therapeutic change within their clients as opposed to the want/need to just permanently fix the perpetuating stressors (parents fighting) which would in some ways aid the development of some clients/children a lot more than therapy could offer.

This is delightful in a really horrible way! It's not since I first discovered iNSCAPE CD-ROMs like The Dark Eye and Bad Day on the Midway that I've felt that midpoint between attraction and repulsion from a game. I love that grandpa seems half way between a kratt of Estonian folklaw and a parasitic alien from Cronenberg or Carpenter! Such amazing work.

Sofia Santos is a Game Features writer for Screen Rant. Having joined in 2022, she merges her ever-growing passion for gaming and writing in her work. Outside Screen Rant, she dabbles in publishing her creative writing works, focusing on novels, poetry and short stories. Sofia is Brazilian and a lifelong gamer, being heavily enthusiastic about franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Animal Crossing and The Sims. When not talking about the cozy or chaotic nature of these games, she can be found talking about D&D, books, music, and certain TV shows, like What We Do In The Shadows and Our Flag Means Death. Outside of consuming all types of media, Sofia loves spending time with her loved ones, sunbathing, doing yoga and exercising.

Web Animation The Back to the Future example is parodied by Les Kassos in episode #17. Marty Darty goes back in time with Doc Moc, and does become his father. It's deconstructed by giving him mental retardation, causing Moc to leave him at the social worker's office. This all Played for Laughs. In Red vs. Blue, Genkins refers to Chrovos as "grandpa" given they created the two gods who in turn made him. Then once Genkins returns to the beginning of the universe, hoping to become more powerful like grandpa, he becomes Chrovos, including the part about being locked up by his children. Chrovos is surprised upon learning this, as they had forgotten this as eons passed.

Webcomics Darths & Droids wrote many versions of the "Luke, I Am Your Father" scene, with one rejected version following this trope.Luke: Noooooooooooo! Also, why were you hitting yourself? Homestuck: John, in the present, finds a cloning station which is locked on to four people: his Nanna, Jade's Grandpa, Rose's Mom, and Dave's Bro. He clones all four of them, using paradox slime. The slime from Nanna and Grandpa is mixed together, as is the slime from Mom and Bro. From the Grandpa/Grandma slime, clones of John and Jade are created, as are Rose and Dave from Mom/Bro slime. These clone babies of himself and his friends are sent back in time, to become who they are now. Four "pure" clones babies are also created ... and sent back to become Nanna, Grandpa, Mom and Bro in the first place. This also happened with the trolls, with Karkat performing John's role. In this case, owing to the fact that troll parentage sure is weird, he also created the trolls' famous ancestors, who are actually their decendants. The fact that he was the one who cloned them in the first place means that, by


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