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Police Enforcement VR : 1-King-27 Game

"To Protect and Server" utilizes the ReCaptcha system but re-appropriates a randomized selection of 30 perceived images of "Police Brutality" in an attempt to train the population on what is deemed "unacceptable uses of force" by police who are paid to protect the public. The project is also a metaphor for CAPTCHA software acting in the same way police do to "supposedly" protect the Internet from malicious content and bad actors but fail the public far too often. When a user successfully chooses the images in the CAPTCHA they are redirected to a video of the VR game "Police Enforcement VR:1-King-27", "Police Enforcement VR" is a VR open world police simulator where players can attend a virtual "Police Academy" to train to become a police officer. Players start as Police recruits and then work to advance their careers. Players of the game can roam free on the map, accept calls from dispatch, or catch suspects on foot and by car. Ultimately, "To Protect and Server" will train any individual to think like a police officer while taking into account their implicit biases.

Police Enforcement VR : 1-King-27 Game



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