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Theodore J. Conrad is an engineer on the spaceship Leopold when it drops out of hyperspace and has a collision with a mysterious ghost ship which is populated by numerous hostile alien beings. Just before the collision, Conrad is visited by the android Mia, who asks him why he is against synthetics (the name for androids in the game) and saves him from a piece of debris, from the ghost ship, that pierces Conrad's room when the collision occurs. Mia then sends Conrad to restart the Leopold's engines to avert both ships from crashing into the unnamed planet below. Conrad discovers that the engines are too badly damaged and boards the ghost ship to attempt to restart its engines. He discovers that the ship is controlled by an anti-human force and its defenses have been programmed to attack humans on sight. He eventually comes across a large pool, out of which a large alien rises during a communication from Mia. Conrad says to Mia, "I'll call you back", and ends the game on a cliffhanger.

Alien Breed: Evolution is a top-down shooter set onboard futuristic space craft. In each level, the main character, Conrad, is set a series of tasks, such as collecting key cards, restoring power, or escorting innocents, which he must complete before finding that level's exit in the form of an elevator. Standing in his way are several different types of aliens who will attack him, usually en masse. Conrad can run and shoot in all directions, and can collect a number of different weapons and items to aid him. The camera angle can be rotated manually in 45 degree increments. There are also several data pads to collect, which provide information on the different alien species that Conrad encounters throughout the game, back story information on the game's characters, and additional information on the game's locations.

A version of Alien Breed: Evolution was released on PlayStation Network and Steam, renamed Alien Breed: Impact. This version was expanded to include redesigned aliens and an Upgrade Shop.[2]

In Alien Breed, you are an agent of the Inter-Planetary-Corps, investigating a space station that is teeming with aliens. In order to survive, you must navigate each level of the station, usually with the task of triggering an explosive and escaping the level before detonation. In addition to the original game, Alien Breed includes the Special Edition and three additional level packs, providing plenty to explore.

Alien Breed Impact spans five chapters that will take you a good while to work through. After each stage your stats are calculated and a score is posted to the online leaderboards. You can play through the entire game cooperatively either locally or online. Both players share the screen and can't venture beyond where their partner can see. If the aliens get the better of you in co-op you'll respawn in a moment as long as the other player hasn't died.

Alien Breed is a top-down shooter video game that tasks players with clearing out an overrun space station of alien life. The game can be played by one or two players and features multiple floors to fight through, each with its own set of objectives. Players will need to make use of their ammo wisely and keep an eye on their health in order to beat the game. Players might enjoy Alien Breed for its fast-paced action and challenging gameplay.

PlayStation owners who are fans of classic top-down shooters might want to keep an eye out for this one, as it will feature a fairy hefty story mode, online multiplayer, enhanced graphics, and even the ability to swap your progress between your PS3 and Vita if your significant other gets tired of watching you kill aliens and wants to watch television instead (although if that happens we suggest you try to find someone less boring). It should be available on the PSN come early February, so you have until then to work out your very best alien extermination strategies.

Co-op mode allows you to select one of three missions to play side-by-side to locate Co


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